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March 2016

I Feel No

No is an ugly word, But it’s a safe word. No can end relationships Or save virginities. No is a powerful word. No means you know what you want. No can change the course of history. No is a warning... Continue Reading →


Your skin is white and cold

For Grandma   Your skin is white and cold I stare down at you, so peaceful in your coffin I watch you slumber while I weep Knowing you are lost to me forever.   I stare down at you, so... Continue Reading →

Sylvia’s Twin

Kate and Sylvia Bernard were twins. The only difference was Kate’s birthmark just under her left eye, shaped sort of like a stretching cat. Kate loved to go exploring, particularly the woods in the back of their house. She preferred... Continue Reading →

Broken Toys & Killing Boys

“There has been news of a threat from the west, from King Wnat-Qien of Mink—” King Crello, the king of Dreriwen and my formidable father, glared down at the trembling messenger. “Don’t you dare say it!” Father growled. Father and... Continue Reading →

The Shape-Shifter’s Wife

Once upon a time there was a princess named Kamana. She was smart and beautiful and highly sought after by everyone in the kingdom. Her father assigned a bodyguard to escort her everywhere she went and offer protection. One day, while... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Danger

There was a bitter crispness in the air as I waited for him. I wrapped my fur-lined coat tighter around myself and tried not to shiver uncontrollably. It was easy, since I was unpleasantly distracted by the pain in my... Continue Reading →

The Prophecy Child

The unicorn was magnificent, sparkling silver and rainbow under the glimmering full moon. The midnight sky was dark indigo, starless and clear of clouds. The unicorn left a trail of glitter in its wake. The moon shone off the rippling... Continue Reading →

To Elope With a Dinosaur

The dinosaur was big, towering over me, and deep green. Its slitted amber eyes watched my every movement. We regarded each other blankly. Finally, the killer reptile spoke: “Rachel, come with me.” Its voice was booming, echoing in the hushed... Continue Reading →

The Lady in Gold

The light glittered off of the warrior maiden’s golden armor as the sun sunk lower across the pinkish-orange sky. Lady Katora sat tall in the saddle of her beautiful black beast, Eliago. Her bright auburn-and-honey hair escaped hergold helmet in... Continue Reading →

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