The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

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April 2016

The Dinner Guest

“Luciana?” I continued humming, pretending to read a worn paperback book with a shirtless guy on the cover, his arm around the waist of a woman in nothing but a white corset and petticoat with ample bosom showing. “Luciana!” My... Continue Reading →


The Visitor 👽

A bolt of light shot across the sky, slamming into the ground, creating a large crater. It was just past midnight, and everyone was asleep. No one heard the pod hit the ground. No one saw the flash of light.... Continue Reading →

Paper Moon

A metaphor.   It is dusk, the town nearly blanketed by the darkness. The sunset fades and the city chatter dies. The lights in the houses are turned off, one by one. The bars are still open, with a few... Continue Reading →

Haikus about Schoolteachers and Sea Monsters

That old school teacher With the faded blue eyesight, Peering through the mist.   Her hands waved like gills, Unsure of her next movement, Hair-brained and flustered.   Soft, faded blue eyes, Innocent comprehension. Mist clouds her judgment.   Long... Continue Reading →

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