The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Welcome To The Void


November 2016


via Faded   Beside the river of discord the seasons fade, Leaving us with washed-out versions of ourselves. Our personalities pale in comparison to our souls, Our hearts whither with the cycle of sun and moon. Love is fleeting, loyalty even... Continue Reading →



via Hideout   We wear our masks to cover our horrors. We hide in shadowy shells so no one can see our vulnerabilities. We want safety. We need assurance. Masks that cover half a face reveal the owner is more open... Continue Reading →

Diamond Girl 💎

Dedicated to my sister.   Born in April, blooming forth like a vibrant tiger lily, Ready to pounce. Fierce and beautiful. Strong and proud. You leap on wings of dragons, You dance with a fairy’s grace. Born from a diamond,... Continue Reading →

Sugar Tree

I cry, I die, I sigh. My sugar tree, I see So far. You raise the bar. I could drown in your eyes, Soaring through sunny skies.

Time Machine

Time is endless. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my ride with you. If time was cut short, my one wish would be for a time machine to go back and see you once more. Time never stops, no matter how much we... Continue Reading →

Mourning Morning

This sunrise is a time for grief. It is the end of your life as you know it. But it’s also a day for white, Pure innocence, And happiness. When you walk down the aisle, Think only of the future... Continue Reading →

Candy Talk 👄

These words falling from your lips, They taste so sweet, like sugarcane. I almost buy it, craving more, But that’s how I know it’s poison You feed me. Lie after lie, coated in Ethylene glycol. I know I should test... Continue Reading →

Comparing Friends

Based on Imitating Betsy Scholl, Geneology.   One of my friends was a tree, the other a caged bird. One was a lioness, the other a rampant fire. In the night I’d wake to laughter and the faint smell of chocolate.... Continue Reading →

Electric Addict

You make me so electric, ecstatic, So fired up, it’s fantastic. You run like electricity through my veins, Like fire in my blood. A potent drug. I’m trying to get sober, But I can’t stay away long enough To get... Continue Reading →

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