December heart, December heart,

Too empty to remember.

You held strong until the night,

When you let December touch you.


December tears, December tears,

Your gaze an empty room.

Behind locked doors you cried,

But you promised not to let the cold inside.


December soul, December soul,

So black and barren now.

So bitter and bleak,

So desolate you are now.


December song, December song,

I wish you’d let me in,

But your heart is closed and fenced,

A winter fortress, indestructible.


December day, December day,

I still remember your smile,

But it’s long gone now,

Your lips turned down in stony silence.


December snow, December snow,

Blades dragged over pale skin.

What if you were to wake up

In your grave tomorrow?


December moon, December moon,

If you cut deeper,

Tomorrow will be dark indeed.

No one hears your noiseless scream.


December friend, December friend,

No stranger to the cold.

You stand in the blizzard,

Face turned toward the hellish sky.


December storm, December storm,

The more you hurt,

The less I feel,

Estranged from your December heart.