At night, she cries herself to sleep,

But during the day, she pastes on a happy face

To be the girl everyone wants her to be.


She is numb to the world,

Aching but barely noticing,

Nearly too far gone to care.


Alone, she feels.

Alone, she cries.

Alone, she remembers.


Outside, she smiles,

But inside, she’s falling apart.

Nobody sees.


She is empty,

A shell of who she used to be.

Too much heartbreak and misery.


No one understands.

No one gets it.

She is lonely, even among friends.


She is falling to pieces,

But nobody sees.

Nobody cares.


At night, drowning in her thoughts,

She stays awake,

Making fresh cuts on tear-bleached skin.


She changes her hair,

She changes her clothes,

A whole new person than she was before.


She doesn’t feel right.

She feels lost.

She feels broken.


She can’t bring herself to care.

She was hurt too many times

To give a damn about you.


She is wandering,

Adrift, astray,

No destination in mind.


Wasting away,

She tries to forget,

When all she really fears is being forgotten.


Her friends thought it was a cry for help,

But damage looked good on her.