Based on Imitating Betsy Scholl, Geneology.


One of my friends was a tree, the other a caged bird.

One was a lioness, the other a rampant fire.

In the night I’d wake to laughter and the faint smell of chocolate.

The snake tattooed on my lower back is the one for my fire.

One of my friends was a cloud,the other a blanket I carried

Into the night, convinced it was protection.

One of my friends I drank, the other I dreamed.

In the revolving door of my becoming,

One made me laugh and one made my day.

Thus, my troubled birth, my endless Wonderland.

One was an ocean, the other a mermaid.

How they amused each other.

One was a steel barricade, the other a wisp.

I was ashamed of not being there for both of them,

Embarrassed I couldn’t be the glue they needed.

I was a girl calling across the space to a confidence she didn’t have.