The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Welcome To The Void


December 2016

A Reticent Life

The world passes us by, And we let it, Floating, drifting, Weightless, lost.   It is hard to say, exactly, At what point we become undone. When do we realize We don't truly know ourselves?   Our dreams speak volumes,... Continue Reading →

In Winter

The pink-tinted sky, Winter day fading Into bitter night, A watercolor painting.   The orange-washed End of a day, Signaling the moon To send the sun away.   The nights come sooner, Lasting longer, The fickle rays of sun Casting... Continue Reading →

Something Smutty

Desire, Spelled f-u-c-k. Lust, consuming, Fiery loins spread.   A moan, a scream, A head thrown back in orgasm. Two bodies, naked, wet, Tangled, erotic,   Ecstasy, Horny, hot. Two lovers, Tasting, exploring every inch.   A soiled sheet, A used... Continue Reading →

You Held A Galaxy In Your Eyes

I murmur your name in my sleep, Whispering a pain unknown to the waking world. Conscious, I refuse to acknowledge my suffering, No one knows. No one sees.   Every day, I think of you, a passing thought among many.... Continue Reading →

Ghost Hall

Do you hear the owl hooting, Can you hear the wolves howling? The song of the ghosts ringing silently, The music of the phantoms whispering in pain and anger, The melody of the shadows slithering determinedly, Crawling an gliding smoothly... Continue Reading →

I Spoke To a Lily đźŚ¸

via Calm   I saw a lily, so delicate and so bold. I saw a lily the other day when I was walking and I thought, Why do you sway in the wind like that? The lily replied, Because I’m too... Continue Reading →


via Enthusiasm   Fire bird, Smoldering in its nest, Dreaming of a brand new dawn. Bird of flame, Cousin to the dragon, Can you hear the song of Hades, calling, beckoning you down? Embers burning, inferno sparking, flying, bursting. A red... Continue Reading →

Britney & The Dragon

Britney stared at the large blue dragon blocking her path. The dragon stared back, unmoving. "Excuse me," Britney said. "I need to pass." The dragon regarded her coolly. Still, it refused to budge. "Excuse me," Britney said more forcefully. "If you... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Soul

via Fortune   Dear Self, Passion, Jealousy. You reside within me. My heart is burning with feverish curiosity. Enthusiasm, Ecstasy. You fill the gaps of my mortality. My heart is alight with fiery imagination. Magic, Beauty. You glow like embers in... Continue Reading →

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