I can’t seem to stop wanting you.

I can’t seem to stay away.

Last night I had a dream that you returned my want.

You kissed me back and we were perfection.

You whispered against my mouth, three beautiful words.

Our bodies entwined, we were amazing.

The taste of your lips, amazing.

It is so sweet and delectably you.

I want to say I adore you, but I can’t get out the words.

You say let’s run away.

That sounds like perfection.

But you are so young, how do you know what you want?

Longing and desire are all mixed up in my brain, clouding it with want.

The way you move, the way you laugh, so amazing.

You are epitome of perfection.

All I need is to get to know you.

Your dream-self never tells me scornfully to go away.

In my dreams, you would never use such hate-filled words.

You know no such heartbreaking words.

You are full of affection and want.

Soaring above the clouds, away.

The capacity of your heart is amazing.

It is astounding, mesmerizing, you.

You are wonderful perfection.

All you know is perfection.

Angelic, loving words.

To not hold back and just let me feel you.

To give into want.


To not turn me away.

I will not go away.

Together, we’re perfection.

We’re amazing.

To describe it, there aren’t enough words.

I want you.

I could never turn you away.

Our souls want perfection.

Our tongues form the three words, amazing.