Dedicated to my sister.


I miss our time spent as children.

I remember playing with dolls

And creating imaginary tales from nothing.

I remember holding your hand when you cried

And soothing you back to sleep.

I remember the day you came home from the hospital,

My baby sister,

A present to me on my birthday.

I remember laughing with you

And fighting.

I remember you telling me you wish I’d never been adopted

And I remember you just wanting to cuddle.

I remember every precious “I love you.”

I remember staying up late to watch TV with you in your bed.

I remember playing computer games with you

And babysitting with you, watching Scooby-Doo and Barbie.

I remember being hurt by you,

And I remember being loved by you.

I remember hating you and putting you above everything else.

I cherish all the good and the bad,

Every single fight and good time,

All of my childhood memories.