Dedicated to my sister.


Fire red, ocean blue,

I love to watch the flames

lapping at the shore.

But nothing compares

to the joy of seeing you.

You smile and laugh with me

and all I can think is that

I gotta have more.

You’re so sweet,

Like an angel dreaming.

You’re so awesome you are hard to beat,

And when you’re hurt, all I can hear

is my pain screaming.

I love you, sis,

You are my everything.

When I search you out in a crowd, you are hard to miss.

For you, ma soeur, I’d do anything.

Nothing could keep us apart,

I wish you could see

just how special you are to me.

You are the majority of my heart,

and I adore you endlessly.

If I told you

that you are my castle and my sky,

Then you’d know how I feel,

That this isn’t a lie.

I love you.

Rose red, violet blue,

Words can’t express how glad I am

that you love me, too.