via Vanish


I’ve been waiting since the breaking dawn

For you to come and wrap your arms around me.

But I stand here, beneath our tree, humming our song,

And I know you aren’t coming to hold me and kiss me.

All I want is you to notice I’m still here, waiting in the rain,

But your eyes are closed and you don’t see me standing here.

The stars blink in sorrow, knowing I’m shivering all alone.

Nothing is as it seems in this grove.

The moon is a face, watching me.

The stars are eyes, crying for me.

All my hopes for us have disappeared,

As fast as you have vanished from my side.

You aren’t here for me, as you promised you’d be.

The moon shines and I listen to the nighttime sounds,

Wishing you were by my side,

In this empty twilight masquerade.