You are entirely too tantalizing.

Your smile,

Your laugh,


Your eyes sparkle,

Making me want to know what secrets they keep.

What mystery do you hold?

What pain do you hide?

You are just out of my reach,

Yet still in sight.

I can feel you slipping through my fingers,

A beguiling vixen.

You are a titillating, alluring goddess

Who can never be mine.

You are entirely too tantalizing,

Sought after by anyone who’s ever met you.

The way you move,

The way you talk

Makes everyone want to know you.

The way you’re always so sure of yourself

Makes everyone want to have you.

The way you enter a room,

The way you dance

Makes all them boys go crazy.

The way you tease,

The way you help others

Is why everybody loves you.

Just being in your presence is intoxicating.

Everybody wants a piece of your coolness.

You are entirely too tantalizing.