When I look outside, I see your shadow in the rain,

I know you’re running, luminescent in the warmth of the rain.

You run for fear of the unknown,

Of falling in love and throwing caution out into the rain.

Breathe deeply and stay the night,

I do not want you venturing out into the pouring rain.

Close your eyes and relax,

Don’t let mystery reign.

Lay your hand over my heart and hear the pitter pat, pitter pat,

Hear the resounding echo of the thrumming rain.

It doesn’t take much to be fearless,

Just turn your face up to the sky and feel the rain.

Kiss me in the empty parking lot,

Beneath the full moon and the starlit rain.

Give me your ring, your vow.

Give me your last name, here at the altar in the rain.

Under the cherry trees, under the indigo backdrop,

I’ll give you my hand as I love you in this rain.

Hang onto me and I’ll protect you.

Have no fear in the domain of the rain.

The whispers of the wind through the branches above send chills along my arms,

Caressing us in the open rain.