Glowing, like embers,

The memories smolder.

They flicker and flare like dragon’s breath,

Radiating, gleaming.

The memories grow bright then fade into the background.

Once more they glimmer

Then retreat.

Just out of reach.

They shine, under a spotlight,

Then slip away, unnoticed.

They play hide-and-seek with your conscious brain.

Only when you’re fast asleep and unaware,

Do they resurface in a vibrant kaleidoscope of dreams.

They sparkle and glisten like dewdrops,

Violent and magical.

They dazzle and coruscate,

Twinkling like a disco ball,



Just beyond your fingertips.

They whisper of a past, on the edge of Forgottenville.

They glare,

Then disappear

Before teasing you again with a small peak.


Before melting away again into darkness.