Have you ever heard the tales?

Never dine with a fairy.

Their wine is intoxicating,

their food addicting.

Fairy music invades the senses,

falling on human ears and making them stupid.

But do not venture into their realm, my child,

For terrible things happen

in the land of Faerie.

I have not been there myself,

But I’ve heard their queen is a ferocious beast with three heads and claws.

She has fanged teeth that drip blood and midnight-black eyes.

But her subjects aren’t all bad.

Her son, the prince, is delightful— if he likes the part too much.

But don’t travel into the woods alone, my daughter,

For you might never come out.

Never accept a drink from a stranger

Or a bite from a friend.

It is a deadly dance,

Poisoned and venomous.

Once you enter the dance floor,

You’ll be hooked.

It is as lethal as the drink.

Never accept a dance from a fairy, my sweet,

Or you’ll combust from the energy.

Fairies are clever, but don’t let them trick you—

Evil comes in all different forms.

There is nothing good about a fairy in the mortal plane,

Nothing good about the delightful prince.

Even the most friendly and harmless

of creatures can have a dark side.

Cunning and sly,

The fairies dance

to mask their ugly natures.

Be warned, daughter of Eve,

They aren’t nice beings.

They will do anything and everything

to steal your soul.

Now I ask you, little child,

Do you want to dance?