via Bespoke



From dusk until dawn, I wait alone,

For you to come trudging home.

Step by step, one foot in front of the other,

I curl up on the couch and watch the door.


I’m excited, yet nervous to see your face,

My sweaty palms bespeak my state.

I’ve been sitting here, staring at the door,

Avoiding the window in case you’re there.


I’ve never been one for being in love,

This is strange and new to me.

I must say I like it, the sickening feel

Of butterflies in my stomach and your hands in my hair.


You’re on my mind all day and night,

At 3am, I lie awake,

And wonder if you think of me

When it’s past midnight and you can’t sleep.


I would wait through snow an rain,

If you were out, coming home too late.

You work all day, from early to dead man’s hour.

I’ll be here, awake ’til you walk through the door.


I can’t wait to be in your arms,

The butterflies in my stomach

Make me ill as I wait anxiously

For your arrival.