Fire reptile,

Left to the indignities of humanity.

Dragon, creature of flame,

Why do you not go?

Knights try to slay you, villagers fear you.

What kind of existence is that?

Dragon, great animal of flight,

Why do you not flee to another world?

This one isn’t safe for your awesomeness and grace.

Dragon, oh great myth,

You are doomed in this land.

Blood coats the ground, painting the past in red.

Dragon, you mighty beast,

Why do you hide?

There have been magnificent sculptures made to capture your glory.

Dragon, of lands long forgotten,

Why do you linger when there’s nothing for you here?

There’s no reason to stay.

Dragon, of green and gold,

I can’t protect you when you won’t even help yourself.

You’ll be found and killed.

Dragon, king of fire and sky, I don’t know why you insist—

Your cave is empty.


Why did you leave me?

Where have you gone?