via Calm


I saw a lily, so delicate and so bold.

I saw a lily the other day when I was walking and I thought,

Why do you sway in the wind like that?

The lily replied, Because I’m too fragile to put up a fight.

“The wind is a bully,” I said aloud.

The wind was not blowing that day,

But the lily still tilted her hips back and forth as if she were

Dancing to music only she could hear.

I stood by the lovely flower and closed my eyes, straining to hear the tune.

I heard none.

“What is it like to be a flower?” I asked. “A lily, compared to, say, a tulip or a rose?”

“I like being a lily,” the lily said. “Tulips are too sexy and roses are just mean.”

“What are you, then?”

“Me?” the lily paused as if thinking. Then she said, “I’m harmonic. Like a unicorn.”

“Do you do anything else beside sway?”

“I reproduce.”

“Oh? Are you a mother, then?”

“No. But all my friends are. I haven’t had any success with the bees of this area.”

Same, I thought. “Give it time— you’re young now.”

“But I’m the only one in this field still a virgin. I want to be pollinated.”

I knelt by the lily and sprawled out on my back under the sun.

“Are you a mother?” the lily asked me.

“No, I’m only sixteen.”

“Sixteen days?”


“Then why aren’t you pollinated yet?”

“My time moves differently than yours, I guess.”

“Don’t you want to have children?”

“Eventually.” I sighed. “When I’m ready.”

The lily continued to dance. “Oh, I love this song…”

“What song?”

“Don’t you hear it? The bubbling brook, the singing birds… The sound of spring.”

“It’s peaceful,” I said as a hummingbird buzzed by. “Beautiful.”

The lily agreed. “It’s soothing out here. Quiet.”

I wish I could stay out here forever, I thought. A breeze blew back my hair and I swayed.

You’re beautiful too, the lily told me. At least now I have a friend.