via Enthusiasm


Fire bird,

Smoldering in its nest,

Dreaming of a brand new dawn.

Bird of flame,

Cousin to the dragon,

Can you hear the song of Hades, calling, beckoning you down?

Embers burning, inferno sparking, flying, bursting.

A red sky crowning your feathered crest,

An orange-yellow sun haloing your reborn body.

Lava, liquidating you so you can return beautiful,

In all your glory,

Again and again.

Majestic bird,

Like fore and ice.

Like magic and pride.

Wise old bird,

Ancient and cursed (cursed, but not doomed).

Scorching, melting anew.


Resurrected ruby.

Smoldering in its nest of flames.

Fire bird, fire bird,

Majestic bird wise,