I murmur your name in my sleep,

Whispering a pain unknown to the waking world.

Conscious, I refuse to acknowledge my suffering,

No one knows. No one sees.


Every day, I think of you, a passing thought among many.

But every night, my dreams turn cold, missing you.

In the sunlight I can hide my broken heart,

But in the dark I cry because you’re all I think about after midnight.


Those lips, so full and pink,

Crafted by Eros himself,

Those eyes that sparkle,

Like they’d trapped a galaxy in their depths.


Your smile was coy,

Daring me to follow,

And follow I did,

Intrigued by the darkness behind that smile.


I fell hard,

And you fell softer,

Leaving me broken

As you landed on your feet.


I tremble as I remember your last words to me.

I weep as I remember your first words to me.

I shake as ¬†remember the first “I love you,”

And the first moment I knew I was yours, unconditionally.


I remember those words you spoke,

So haunted, so dark,

As you revealed to me

A hidden agony.


The worst part is,

You’ve probably moved on.

And I’m still stranded here,

Drowning in misery.


Even when I’m old and gray

Or married to another,

You may forget,

But I will always remember.