The pink-tinted sky,

Winter day fading

Into bitter night,

A watercolor painting.


The orange-washed

End of a day,

Signaling the moon

To send the sun away.


The nights come sooner,

Lasting longer,

The fickle rays of sun

Casting shadows by 4pm.


The December air,

Frigid, hostile,

Nipping at bare chins,

A rabid wolf, silent.


The aurora of holiday,

Festive lights, décor,

Families, friends,

Killing trees.


One year ends,

Another begins,

An age over,

The world, one year older.


January starts,

As gelid as ever,

Frosty, icy,

Unwelcoming, white.


Snow draping,

Ice sparkling,

Glinting, like a knife,

Savage, biting, raw.


Fires burn,

In fireplaces,

Heating homes,

With capricious warmth.


Just like the snow and ice

When springtime comes,

Warmth is a mercurial thing

In winter.