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January 2017

Waning Memories

via Exposure   Memory. 'Tis both a curse and a blessing. Happy memories will wane, The bad ones never fade. The more I try to forget, The harder the memories cling. I thought the pain would dull over time, But I... Continue Reading →


Cross the Line

via Crossing   I may have crossed the line When I told you I wanted you. You had another girl, It was not my place. But I can't help how I feel, I think I'm in love with you. I'm sorry... Continue Reading →

Ugly Heart

The moment you saw her, She took your breath away. She was ugly, But in a beautiful way.   Her heart was cold, Her strut was hot, You wanted her, You liked her a lot.   Her smile was coquettish, Her eyes... Continue Reading →


via Gone     This girl was sexy, Small-waisted, Full-lipped, Fully wasted.   Six-inch heels, Tight little pants, She knows she's hot, All eyes on her.   Coy smile, Flirty eyes, Swaying hips, You're electrified.   One night, Drunken stupid, You're... Continue Reading →

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