via Cling


They say that once you lose it,

It’s hard to get over.

But it’s really not that big a deal,

There’s a first for everything.


Some say that the one who takes it

Will forever be your love.

Some say that the one who takes it

Will end up breaking your heart.


They claim that boys can sleep around

And girls have to be chaste.

So who are these boys supposed to be sleeping with

If they define themselves as straight?


I’m not the kind of girl to sleep about

But I’m not going to adhere to him,

Whoever takes my virginity.

It’s not such a huge thing, to become a woman.


I believe a girl can lose her virtue

Without becoming a clingy thing,

Someone let the men know

That someone has to be her first.


But just because they’re her first

Doesn’t mean they have to be her last.

The loss of one’s virginity does not equate love

And it doesn’t need to mean more than what is really is.


To some, sex is just sex.

Not all women want it to mean something more.

There’s a stigma that claims men only want sex

And women want relationships.


But sluts can sleep around without being shamed.

Men should be able to want a relationship with being emasculated.

Sex can just be sex

Or it can mean something more.


Men can have sex and become clingy

Just as women can think about sex.

Here’s a secret none of them want you to know—

Women want sex just as much as men do.