via Exposure



‘Tis both a curse and a blessing.

Happy memories will wane,

The bad ones never fade.

The more I try to forget,

The harder the memories cling.

I thought the pain would dull over time,

But I miss you more every day.

It’s hard to hear your name

Or see anything I associate with you.

I really should move on

But I’m still in love with you.

I hate this hold you have over me,

Even when we’re not speaking.

I can’t help it, my heart want you

But my head would like a break.

I see your face in my mind, in my dreams,

I think of you when I know I shouldn’t.

Memory, a natural human instinct,

My burden, my pain.

I remember how happy we were

And I want to cry.

We were so great together,

Until it all went to hell.

No one sees my pain,

No one knows my grief.

I’m in love with a boy

My parents never approved of.

It’s difficult to move on

When I’m constantly reminded of you.

It’s impossible to heal the heart

Your absence broke it in two.

It was neither of our choices,

The end of us.

It was my mother

And her rules.

I wish things could be different,

But you’ll never know.

You probably hate me now,

I’m sure you’ve moved on.

It’s been months and I still pine,

Hoping you’ll be waiting still

But I see no love future,

No matter how hard I yearn.

Memory is a pain,

Memory’s a bitch.

My heart is dead

And with it, my love.

Come back to me

And teach me how to love.

I fear intimacy,

Afraid of getting hurt.

I want you,

Need you.

I lust for you,

crave you.

Memories will wane,

But the pain will never fade.

I might forget things about you,

But I’ll know there’s something I’m missing.