The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Welcome To The Void


February 2017

My Worth

Blood sparkles, Shining in the too-bright bathroom light. I sink to the floor, dejected, My worth a red smear on the marble.   I keep the scars on my body hidden, A life of therapy forbidden. I do not want... Continue Reading →


Until Now

Pain. I never truly knew The meaning of that word. Until now.   Love. I was never truly shown The full extent of this emotion. Until now.   Betrayal. I had always assumed it would come From my partner, not... Continue Reading →

Rhythmic fear

via┬áRhythmic     Da dum, da dum. My heart thrums, Rhythmic, Intimate.   I breathe deeply, Trying to calm My racing pulse. Da dum, da dum.   My jittering nerves, My frazzled cool, My scattered brain, My thumping heart.  ... Continue Reading →

Tremble for My Heart

via Tremble   I tremble, nervous, Terrified. Like a leaf in an autumn breeze, My body scared to give what it never has before.   Inside, I know you're harmless, But my body reacts In a split between fear and... Continue Reading →

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