via Tremble


I tremble, nervous,


Like a leaf in an autumn breeze,

My body scared to give what it never has before.


Inside, I know you’re harmless,

But my body reacts

In a split between fear and lust.

My virgin body in odds with my whoring mind.


You want to kiss me

But I stare at my feet,

Unsure what to say,

Jittery at your closeness.


I want you but I’m anxious

To give my heart away.

My body is untouched,

But by me on lonely nights.


I’m terrified to disappoint,

Scared to drive you away.

I’m inexperienced, but

I know you’ve done this before.


“How was she?” you friends will ask.

I want you to be able to say I was good.

You ask me to look at you

And I stare stubbornly at me feet.


I tremble when I think of you,

Scared of intimacy, yet wanting you to hold me.

I like you and you claim to like me too,

Which terrifies me more than anything.


I tremble when I think of your lips,

I tremble when I remember your scent,

I tremble at the sound of your voice,

And I tremble at how much my body craves you.


I’m scared to let you in,

That you’ll judge me and run away.

My friends all say to give you a chance,

But how long will you stay?


If I give you my body,

My heart doesn’t stand a chance.

I build up walls to protect myself

And it scares me how much I want to let you in.


I tremble for my heart,

Fearful of losing it to you.

Promises are oft broken,

But less so than my soul.


Please be careful with my heart,

It’s fragile and delicate.

I give you my trust.

Please don’t fuck it up.