via Rhythmic



Da dum, da dum.

My heart thrums,




I breathe deeply,

Trying to calm

My racing pulse.

Da dum, da dum.


My jittering nerves,

My frazzled cool,

My scattered brain,

My thumping heart.


Da dum, da dum.

Irregular, scared.

Blood rushes in my ears

As you lean in, lean down.


My breath catches

My heart stops.

Fear pounds in my chest,

Afraid of the close proximity.


I dread getting hurt,

Of letting you in and you leaving.

Da dum, da dum,

Faster, faster, painful, still.


My breath holds as you touch my arm,

My shoulder, my back.

Your hand wraps behind my neck

Then lips meld, heat, passion.


Hesitant at first,

Gentle, careful.

Hearts start, holding steady,

As the moment deepens.