The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Welcome To The Void


March 2017


via Elixir   Drunk, I breathe in your scent, Intoxicated by you. Your very presence Is like a sweet poison, Fucking with my mind. I lean closer, heady, almost giddy. My heart's beating fast As you look at me. My heart... Continue Reading →

One More

via Meaningless   Just one more, You tell yourself As you drag the blade Across bleeding skin. One more cut, You tell yourself, Your body numb. One more to end it, You tell yourself, Convinced you're alone. No one cares, You... Continue Reading →

Innocent Bed

via Vivid   Vividly, I remember The way your hands felt Running through my hair, Caressing my hips, Pulling me closer. I remember the feeling of Your lips pressed against my skin, Leaving warm trails across my neck, My face, my... Continue Reading →


via Desire   Desire burns deep, consuming me. Lust soaking my panties When you give me that look. When you slide your hands over me, My body tingling, aroused and nervous. When you dip your hands into my pants, I gasp... Continue Reading →

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