via Desire


Desire burns deep, consuming me.

Lust soaking my panties

When you give me that look.

When you slide your hands over me,

My body tingling, aroused and nervous.

When you dip your hands into my pants,

I gasp involuntarily, biting my lip,

Wanted you fully but scared of letting you in.

Desire makes it hard to breathe

As I think of how hard you are,

Your thickness pressed against my hip.

I’ve never been good at intimacy

And your closeness frightens me,

But my heart wants it, my body craves it.

I need you like a fire in my loins,

Like a fish with water, like people need air.

I lie awake at night, dreaming about you,

Imagining what it would be like for you love me,

Physically and emotionally.

I want you, desire you,

Like an inextinguishable flame.

You breathe me in, kissing my neck

And I know I want it.

You fan my desire, like a bonfire,

Igniting, burning brighter.

My desire runs deep,

My whole body reacting to your touch,

Craving your virginity.