via Vivid


Vividly, I remember

The way your hands felt

Running through my hair,

Caressing my hips,

Pulling me closer.

I remember the feeling of

Your lips pressed against my skin,

Leaving warm trails across my neck,

My face, my stomach.

I can still feel the way you felt,

Sleeping next to me,

Your manhood hard against my back.

I miss falling asleep, safe in your arms.

I remember vividly how it felt

To be cherished, to be wanted.

I miss sleeping with you,

Just sweetly, innocently,

Laying next to you.

I miss sending dirty texts

And waking up wet from my dreams.

I still think about you,

Remembering how it felt,

Your kisses, your hands, your love.

It nearly destroyed me

When you disappeared.

It nearly killed me,

When you vanished

Without a trace,

Leaving my bed cold

And my heart empty.

I remember the heat of your body,

Sharing my innocent bed.

You left me,

Virgin, distant.

I wanted you

And I guess I just wasn’t enough.