via Meaningless


Just one more,

You tell yourself

As you drag the blade

Across bleeding skin.

One more cut,

You tell yourself,

Your body numb.

One more to end it,

You tell yourself,

Convinced you’re alone.

No one cares,

You say, sad and insecure.

Your world feels dire and barren,

Everyone’s against you.

The blade cuts deeper,

The pain all you can count on.

Everyone has left you,

But at least the pain’s a constant.

One more time,

You say, watching the blood well up on your skin.

Your life feels meaningless,

Your body feels hollow,

Your mind is a slaughterhouse.

What can you do when you feel helpless?

Spinning out of control,

You do the one thing that makes sense.

The blades scrape over old scars,

Opening them up anew.

Blood flows, time stops,

You’re whole again.