via Elixir



I breathe in your scent,

Intoxicated by you.

Your very presence

Is like a sweet poison,

Fucking with my mind.

I lean closer, heady, almost giddy.

My heart’s beating fast

As you look at me.

My heart changes tune

When you say my name.

I like the things you do to me,

You’re my drug of choice.

I love the feeling of your touch

Hot between my legs.

I like the feeling of you

Holding me as we sleep.

I miss your tender kisses

When you’re not here,

I miss your rough, desperate kisses

That show you crave me.

I want you with a passion,

Burning deep;

With a need that scares me.

You are my oxygen,

My irresistible life source.

When you whisper the three words

I’ve been dying to hear from someone,

I smile to myself and kiss you feverishly.

The smell lingering on my sheets, my body

Gets me high every time;

It’s purely, tantalizingly you.

I’ve never fallen so hard as I have with you;

You’re my alluring elixir.