The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Welcome To The Void


April 2017

Lovers’ Bliss

We get lost in lovers' bliss. Lost in the depths of our souls, Of new discoveries, Of the windows in our eyes.   We get swept up in each other, Our own little existence, Distracted from priorities, Blind to the... Continue Reading →


The Future

via¬†Opaque   The future. A word that scares most. It's opaque, Uncertain. It could hold love, Prosperity, death. It could be an adventure Or a nightmare. The future is striking, In odd ways, Sometimes predictable, And sometimes uncontrollable. It can... Continue Reading →

Finally Home

On the phone, we sit in terrible silence, The only sound, the breathlessness of my sobs. Pain ricochets inside of me, Constricting my heart uncomfortably, Forcing out my tears in hot streaks. Regret consumes me as the dark thoughts return.... Continue Reading →

Lark Gray Sky

This morning, the sky was gray, Like the underwing of a lark. It's a mellow sort of gray, One that hints at coming rain Or an impenetrable fog. It's a light color, Bringing the mixed feelings Of comfort and doom.... Continue Reading →

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