via Unravel


I hate the way you just know.

The way you can see straight through me,

To my sad and darkened soul.

I had lost all hope,

Until I looked into your eyes

And I felt that my home was here,

In your arms.

I hate the way you can read me,

Unravel my most inner thoughts,

With a simple look, with a gentle touch.

And when you wrap your hands

Around my pretty little throat,

I open up my heart until

You can’t stop falling.

You look down at me,

Adoration in your eyes,

As I lay beneath you,

Holding my breath in anticipation

For when you drop your head down

And capture my lips with yours,

Growling deep in your throat,

Encouraged by my little moans.

And when you slide your hand between my thighs,

I gasp, instantly soaked, tilting my head back

So you can lower your mouth to my neck.

And when you push aside my skirt to enter me,

I am completely undone.