We get lost in lovers’ bliss.

Lost in the depths of our souls,

Of new discoveries,

Of the windows in our eyes.


We get swept up in each other,

Our own little existence,

Distracted from priorities,

Blind to the outside world.


We get drunk off each other,

Intoxicated to the point of euphoria,

Unable to tell right from left

And up from down.


We drown in each other’s eyes,

Full of elation and rapture,

Drawn in by the strength of us.

Pleasure seeping through every fiber.


We get stranded on each other’s hearts,

Only open to the ecstasy of love.

Chained, tied, bound, we barely notice

The others walking past, oblivious.


We get pulled in by our words,

Called, mating season style, by our souls,

Our hearts beating as one,

As we get sucked into a lovers’ bliss.