The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

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July 2017

Baby Leopard Cub

Tiny little leopard, Prowling in the jungle, Leaping and hunting, Practicing for someday, When she's all grown up, And able to take down The fastest wild gazelle. A baby panthera pardus, Weighing newborn at 1lb. Cute and fuzzy, the little... Continue Reading →


Our Half-Year Anniversary

Today is our six-month anniversary. We have made it 182 days so far And my heart is bursting with love. Just when I think I can't fall anymore, You trip me and I fall even harder for you. This morning,... Continue Reading →

2am Thoughts Of You

It's just past 2am, And I'm thinking Hard about you. I can't stand the Thought of not Having you Anymore. I am so scared Of losing you When I love you So freaking much. You are my heart; You are... Continue Reading →

Do You Even Care?

I love you so damn much, Yet do you even care? You are my heart, my soul, But what am I to you? You're my everything, And I'd die if I lost you. How would you feel If you woke... Continue Reading →

What Am I Even Doing?

What am I even doing? Why am I here? I am useless, worthless, Incompetent, and stupid. No one has ever needed me before, So why should you? Why would you continue to date me, When I'm the epitome of failure?... Continue Reading →

Not Needed

No one needs me here, in this world, alive. No one wants me, no one loves me. I would be better off dead, And it'd be doing everyone a favor If I were to suddenly not exist. I'm not needed... Continue Reading →


I am screwed, Completely. From the first Time I saw you, I knew I was Totally screwed. You were so damn Beautiful and sweet; You charmed the pants Right off of me-- though Not literally, of course, Because I was... Continue Reading →

Tell Me, Hell Boy

Tell me, From where do these horns arise? From the fiery pits of Hell, I surmise. Tell me, Where does your evilness come from? I fear a demon you will become. Tell me, What of the vestigial tail growing from... Continue Reading →

Now You Have Me

"You don't need me," you say, But that's simply not true. I can hear the sadness in your voice, But even worse is the defeat, Like you've already given up. "I need you more than anything," I say, Which is... Continue Reading →

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