I do not want to forfeit this love,

Or to give up what we have.

I refuse to let go of you,

Now that I’ve finally found you.

I was lost, until you came around

And I won’t jeopardize this,

My first real chance at happiness.

I will not give up on us

Or ever stop wanting you.

I will need you, love you,

Always, forever, eternally.

You’re the best thing life has thrown at me

And I never want this to end.

You’re the one thing that’s gone right

And I won’t let anything ruin this.

You may destroy me, break me,

But you’ll be my favorite mistake.

If we don’t work out,

I’m still glad we met

And even if we go our own ways,

I’ll never regret giving myself to you.

You’re the risk I’ll always take,

Even if it kills me.