I can see the lust in your eyes

And the way you bite your lip

As your gaze roams over me.

I can see the love in your eyes

When you lean closer to me,

And the way you look at me

As you stare at my mouth

Before capturing my lips in a kiss.

I can tell how much I mean to you

By the way you treat me so sweetly

And your strict possessiveness.

I can see exactly how you feel

When you say my name

And when you say “I love you.”

I know you only want me

When you ignore the other girls,

Even when they flirt full-force.

I can tell by your tears

That you miss me when we’re apart.

I can tell by your words that you’re glad we met,

And I can tell by your actions

That you don’t want to lose me.

I know from the way we make love

That you are truly loyal

And I know from the way we fuck

That I am the air you breathe.

I hope that you can see

From all the things I do

That you’re my everything too.