I cannot thrive without you.

I could not go on living

If you were suddenly gone one day.

You hold me together, upright, sane.

You keep me from falling apart,

From breaking down

When all I want to do is cry.

I weep for a future without you,

For surely you are my life.

Without you, I am nothing.

If you look deep into my eyes,

You can see my soul,

A perfect reflection of you.

If you gaze into my thoughts,

You can see the slideshow,

A whirling kaleidoscope of you.

If you were to leave me.

I would wither and die,

Like a forgotten rose in stale water.

I would be an empty shell, a husk,

Numb and heartless.

I cannot flourish, cannot prosper,

I cannot remain alive without you,

Knowing you’re somewhere out there,

Hating me, not needing me, wanting another.

I will shrivel up, inside a sickly casing,

A corpse, a mockery of who you made me.

I will fade, I will perish,

Wasting away, craving what I cannot have.

Your touch beckoned me,

Coaxed me to bloom for you.

You taught me to open up, to trust,

To love as I have not.

If you take away my life blood,

My only source of energy,

That is cruel and cold.

In your barren shade,

I would surely expire.