Lying here in my empty bed,

Awake at 4am, I think of you.

My thoughts linger on your eyes,

Drifting southward to your lips,

Then farther southward still.

My thoughts caress your chest,

Curling around your solid arms

And the sinful V-shape of your hips,

Down even lower to your hardened cock.

My thoughts dawdle on your face,

Like fingers probing cheekbones.

I wish to run my hands through your hair

And feel your tongue on my neck.

The other side of the bed is cold,

A vacant space where you should be.

I hate missing you,

When you’re waiting for me.

I want to be with you now,

As I think of you late at night,

Touching yourself to thoughts of me.

You’re on my mind every second,

Love lacing every thought.

I crave you, baby;

I desire your presence.

I need you, baby,

To come and rescue me.

I think of you and my heart constricts,

Saddened by your absence.

I think of you and I feel sick,

Knowing you’re not here.

I think of you and I get wet,

My legs trembling with lust.

I think of you and I wonder

If you think of me too?