I bite my lip as I watch you.

The hunger in your gaze

As you stare at me,

Focused on my heaving chest

And the undone buttons

Revealing my beating heart

And what lies under the cloth.

I lick my lips as you slowly reach for me

And my breath catches

As you slip your hand

Under my skirt and kiss me.

I drink in your scent,

Basking in your lust,

As you push my panties aside

And bathe your fingers at my core.

I crave your touch, your warmth,

Your heat between my legs.

My heartbeat speeds up

As you push me backwards,

So I’m lying on the bed,

And brush my skirt away

So I am exposed to you.

You growl at my wetness,

As you suck on my neck,

And place your body on top of me,

Your skin caressing mine.

I gasp as your fingers play with me,

And your mouth explores my neck,

Your tongue travelling lower,

To my collarbone, my breasts.

Pants are discarded.

Joining the underwear on the floor

As shirts come off

And I watch you roll the condom on.

I let out a low, deep moan

As you slide yourself into me,

Thrusting against my hips,

Our voices mingling

In ecstasy.