You drive me crazy,

But in a good way.

You drive me wild with lust.

When I’m around you,

I can barely think straight.

But I can see clearly now,

Now that I’m apart from you.

You are my temptation,

Entirely too sweet.

You are my redemption,

Saving me from destruction.

You make me crazy,

But only because I love you.

You are my other half,

Most certainly the better half.

You make me do naughty things,

Turning this good girl into a freak.

I would do anything for you,

Because I need you.

You have opened my eyes

And shown me real love

In a world pf those who don’t care.

In hook-up culture,

Where lying and cheating thrive,

You took me by the hand

And stuck by my side,

Promising to be here forever.