Sadness swells in my chest,

Anger boiling from down deep.

Life is so unfair to me;

Thank the fucking gods

That I have finally found love.

I thought that I would live and die,

Alone from start to end.

Then you came along

And took a chance on me.

How pitiful and pathetic I must have seemed,

So awkward and indifferent.

I was too shy to show you

Just how interested I was.

But for some reason, still you stayed.

I am so grateful I didn’t drive you away.

Thank you for being my happiness

And the very heart beating in my chest.

Thank you for being my life;

Thank you for being my oxygen;

Thank you for being my soul.

Thank you for everything.

I am so very thankful to you,

For yanking me out of depression

And teaching me to smile again.

Thank you for showing me

That I deserve love and happiness.

Thank you for being my light and my joy

And thank you for your patience.

Thank you for looking past

My many, many flaws.

I’m not perfect, not even close,

But then, who is?

I thank you for giving yourself to me

And caring when no one else does.

Thank you for all of it;

Thanks for everything.

Thank you for your heart and soul,

And thank you for your body, too.

I bid you thanks for your love,

And thank you for being mine.