Blue is such a perfect color–

Calm, serene, soothing.

Blue can be sad or comforting.

Blue usually means boy,

But that’s not always the case.

Blue is a describing word, an adjective.

Blue is the color of sapphires

And so many other things.

Blue stands for contentedness,

At least according to my mood ring.

Blue can stand for loneliness or melancholy,

But sometimes it’s simply cool.

Blue is a spectrum,

Spanning many shades.

Blue is a cold color,

Opposite of orange.

Blue is the color of your balls

When you can’t get laid.

Blue is the color of my eyes,

Once bright, now faded gray.

Blue is the color of ,y favorite Power Puff Girl,

And my favorite Jolly Rancher flavor.

Blue is neighbors, cousins to my favorite color–

Purple– just one step to the side.

Blue is my best friend’s favorite color

And the color of my parents’ house.

Blue is the current color of my boyfriend’s hair,

And the sheets on my bed.

Blue is the color of Neptune and Pluto,

As well as Uranus, too.

Blue symbolizes depth and stability,

Standing for loyalty, wisdom, and confidence, too.

Blue can symbolize intelligence, faith, and truth,

Often representing Heaven too.

Blue is associated with tranquility, piety, and sincerity.

There is so much to be said about blue,

So I’ll stop here for now,

And let you fill in the rest.

What does blue mean to you?