Death can come, unwanted, unexpected,

In many different forms.

The surest way to kill yourself without really dying

Is to fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you.

If suicide scares you, and you truly want to die,

Develop a crush and nurse it into real feelings

Until all you can feel is numbness and pain.

You will die just as surely as you would from suicide.

Forget the blade, put down your razors,

Give your heart to someone who cannot love you.

You will feel the true meaning of pain,

More surely than pulling the trigger of a gun

And letting the bullet splatter your brains all over the wall.

Agony comes in the disguise of happy feelings,

The butterflies in your stomach when you see him

Or the way you feel when you doodle his name in your notebook

And when he Facebook flirts or catches your eye and smiles.

But that is only a game to him, and you are merely a toy,

A pawn for his pleasure, that he will surely lead on then discard.

Being unloved and unwanted can permanently damage a girl’s heart,

Especially in her depressed state of mind, her unrequited love

Will undoubtedly become an unrequited death.