Kiss me softly, kiss me deeply,

And tell me you’ll never leave me.

Hold me tight and hold me gently,

Brush my hair back from my face

And caress my cheek as I sleep.

Press your lips against my neck

And whisper that you love me,

When it’s night and no one can hear.

Raise your voice and shout it from the rooftops

And let everyone know that I’m yours.

Kiss me slowly, kiss me tenderly,

Kiss me in private places where no one can see

And kiss me on the lips, hand, and nose

Around your friends, so they all know

That you are mind unconditionally, irrevocably.

Kiss me so lightly, kiss me gingerly,

Kiss me so mildly, kiss me so delicately,

Kiss me so rough, kiss me so hard.

Grab me so savagely and kiss me so heatedly.

Kiss me so passionately, it makes my panties melt.

Do that thing with your tongue that makes my pussy cry

And do that thing with your lips that make me fall all over again.

Put your hands on my body, handle me so forcefully,

Take me as you please– pull my hair and bite my neck–

Then lay me down to sleep and place a kiss to my forehead

As you lie down next to me and wrap me in your arms.

Kiss me so softly, kiss me so damn deeply,

And promise to be here forever– never leave–

As you cherish my heart and fuck me roughly.