My thoughts swirl, like a terrible dream,

Showing me pictures, unwanted images.

Of life without you, or you with another girl,

And my heart breaks,

but I can’t escape this nightmare,

Because I’m already awake.

I feel sick at the thought of you moving on,

When I am so deeply, surely, truly,

Frighteningly in love with you.

I cannot imagine life without you,

Because that would be no life at all.

I need you in my life and by my side

Forever and eternity.

My heart shatters in my chest

And I feel myself drowning,

Unable to breathe or dull the pain

Until you come home to me.

The nights that you work overnight

Are the most difficult for me,

Because I’m not in your arms,

And your side of the bed is empty.

Awake at 2am, I’m plagued with fears,

With worries and heartache.

When it’s 2am and I’m all alone,

On nights when you work just past dawn,

I lie awake, restless, impatient, paralyzed,

In bed until you finally return to me.

If I do drift off during the night,

I’m jerked awake by awful notions

Of a loveless life, one without you.

I’m haunted by thoughts of you,

Hating me, or getting over me.

In the middle of the night, I cry,

Shedding fearful tears of loneliness.

Of heartbreak and of missing you.

In the dead of night, I hug your pillow tight,

And pretend it’s you, as I die inside,

Wishing you would comfort me

And hold me protectively against the night.