I fall in love with you every second of every day,

Every time I see you, even if it’s when you walk back into a room.

I fall a little more each day;

I have fallen so hard all over again.

The first time I laid eyes on you, I was too shy to meet your gaze,

But I was awestruck by your beauty and charm.

The more we bonded, the more I truly got to know you,

The harder and faster I fell.

I am so far gone from myself, so far attached to you,

That I don’t even know where my soul ends and yours begins.

Some would call me clingy or obsessed,

Would warn me that my neediness might annoy you.

But five months in, and you’re still here,

Falling just as steadily for me.

I fall a little more each day,

The more I see of who you are.

The more we connect,

The more I fall.

I know I’m lost to you forever,

So far and deep I have tumbled into your eyes.