I feel threatened by other girls

Because of my anxiety, my depression, or insecurities.

I have low self-esteem and zero confidence,

So, sadly, I’m the jealous type.

I don’t think highly of myself,

And I know it’s annoying.

I love you so truly, so deeply,

Though I can’t even love myself.

I get possessive of what’s mine;

I get territorial around other girls–

Not because I don’t trust you,

But because I know you’re out of my league.

You are too good for me;

You could do so much better.

I can’t tell what you see in me,

When I hate myself so much.

Any other girl might be prettier or better,

But they’ll never love you like I do.

I am not thin or attractive.

I don’t have big boobs or a clear face.

I don’t have tan skin or long hair.

I’m not every guy’s dream girl;

I’ve been no one’s type before.

But you are exactly what I’ve been searching for

And I never want to lose you.

I get jealous so easily because I know you

And I see how irresistible you are.

I know there have been other girls,

But they are in your past.

If you’ve flirted and hit on other girls

Or checked them out as candidates to date;

If you’ve kissed or eaten out another,

It’s all history, since before we got together.

But I hate myself with such a fiery, burning passion,

That I am grateful but bewildered at what you see in me.