My beautiful brown-eyed boy,

So handsome in his coloring.

When you look at me,

And I can see the love

Shining out at me

From your warm chocolate eyes,

I melt, surrendering to the lust.

My brown-eyed boy,

So wonderful in his sweetness,

So thoughtful in his gestures.

My gorgeous brown-eyed boy,

So breathtaking when he smiles.

You are my brown-eyed beauty,

So tough in your bad-boy act,

But so soft in your inner heart.

When it comes to me,

You are both tiger and kitten,

So fiercely protective

And innocently playful.

You are so possessive of me,

Yet you show me your tenderness.

My brown-eyed angel,

So perfect in every way.

When you capture me in your heated gaze,

I’m held captive, mesmerized and overwhelmed.

I can see the adoration in your face

Right before you kiss me

Or when you tell me you love me

And your eyes are wide and honest.

My brown-eyed boy is right for me;

He complements my bright blue eyes and pale skin.

My brown-eyed boy is too sexy

When he closes one eye slowly in a wink

And smirks as he pulls my body close to him.